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In this section you will find a ton of E-commerce websites & selling platforms. Anything that can be sold legally, can be sold online, and there is probably an online platform for it; find the right platforms to sell your products.

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Page 1 – The Applications Market, Art Markets,  Auction Platforms, The Online Audio & Music Market

Page 2 – Books & Self Publishing; Used CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games; Fashion & Accessories; Crafts & Handmade Goods; The Data Market

Page 3 – Digital Products; Dropshipping; Education Related; Electronics; Files & Documents

Page 4 – Games, General Selling Markets, Gift Cards, Personal Accounts, Photos & Images


The Applications Market

App Holdings – platform where you can sell your app or app portfolio.

App Split – this website has a marketplace where you can sell your app source code.

Apps Buyout – this company will buyout certain apps. Submit your app and they’ll give you an offer.

Chupa Mobile – you can develope your apps on this platform, then sell them in the Chupa Mobile marketplace.

Sell My App – sign up as an author on this platform to begin developing your own apps, which you can then sell in the marketplace.


Slide Me – marketplace where you can sell your original android apps.


Art Markets

3D Export – online marketplace where you can sell 3D models.

Absolute Arts – set up your artist portfolio for free, and sell your art online.

Abstract Art – upload your art & list it for sale.

Art Alleys – with Art Alleys, you can sell paintings, drawings, prints, & digital art.

Artboost – create an artist profile, and list your artwork for free. When your art sells, Artboost only keeps 15%.

Art Fido – register for free and begin selling your art in Art Fido’s global marketplace.

Art-O-Mat – Art-O-Mats are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to mini art vending machines. Artists can submit their work to be considered to be sold in the Art-O-Mat. If your art is approved, people can purchase prints of it for $5, of which you will recieve $2.50 for each unit sold.

Art of Where – Art of Where is your on-demand manufacturer of clothing and printed products specializing in drop shipping for art-based businesses.

Art Pal – create a free gallery & sell your art.

Art Storefronts – set up your own online art store for free.

Art Urbane – register as a “Creative Entrepreneur” and you will get your own online art store where you can showcase and sell your art. Art Urbane also enables you to discover other artists, sell their work in your store, and get paid a commission wherever their artwork sells.

Art Wanted set up your own online art store for free. When your art sells, you keep 100% of the revenue.


Artfully Reimagined – Do you create pieces from found, reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, upcycled or vintage objects? Artfully Reimagined is always looking for artists to feature on their site. They are a juried showcase, so your creations will be accepted – or declined – based on the skill, creativity and unique use of materials.

Artfully Walls – list and sell your art with no upfront costs.

Artist.com – the world’s leading online art marketplace. Upload your art and sell it on tons of different products.

Artist Be – set up an artist account for free, and sell your original art in their marketplace.

Artists N Clients – A marketplace that connects artists to prospective clients. Buy and sell beautiful pieces of handmade digital artwork.

Artrepreneur – online art marketplace where you can list & sell your art for free.

Arts-mart – online art gallery where you can showcase your art, and art lovers can choose to purchase it.

Artsy Home – sell your artwork as home decor.

CG Trader – the world’s largest online 3D model marketplace.

Create My Tattoo – tattoo artists, sell your original tattoo designs in the first and only online Tattoo design marketplace.

Daz 3D – become a Daz 3D published artist and start making money.

Diva Art Group – if you have any art by famous artists that you would like to sell, you can do it through Diva Art Group.

Fine Art America – Fine Art America is the premier online marketplace for buying and selling original art, prints, home decor, apparel, and more.

Flipbook Market – online marketplace for animators to sell their animations.

Found Myself – sell your art commission free.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace: Buy and Sell STL files of video game and comic book models!

General Public – artists can sell prints of their work while keeping the original.

Global Art Exchange – global online art market.

Got Artwork – premier online marketplace for helping artists sell print on demand copies of their artworks or to connect with collectors who want to buy art originals.

Inprnt – open your own online print-on-demand art shop where you can upload and sell your own art, or recruit various artists to sell their work in your shop.

Jose Art Gallery – submit your artwork to this online gallery to showcase it and list it for sale.

Kuntsmatrix – Revolutionize the way you promote your art online.

Picasso Mio – the leading online gallery in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America.

Pictorem – Pictorem offers a free online gallery service to any artist who wants to sell their art reproduction online.

Renderosity – 2D & 3D digital marketplace.




Saatchi Art – sell your art to a global community of art lovers.

saatchi art

Signed Cards – greeting card company that hires independent artists.

Taste Minty – platform where creatives can sell creative services.

Turbo Squid – Join other incredible 3D artists. Model to cutting edge specs. Make money doing what you love.

Turning Art – Turning Art provides a platform where artists of all types can sell or lease their artwork.

U Gallery – set up your own online art gallery for free. Showcase, and sell your original art.

Wall Blank – print on demand art platform where artists can sell prints of their original art.

Zatista – online marketplace for original art.


Auction Platforms

Artnet Auctions – if you have original art pieces by famous artists, you can auction them to the highest bidders on Artnet.

AuctionBlox – Open an Auction Blox online storefront for free that you can embed on your own website. Integrates easily with Ebay and Amazon.

Auction Maxx – online auction platform where you can auction just about any item you own.

AuctionZip – AuctionZip connects you with passionate bidders in your local community and from around the world worry free and in real time.

BidHub – Free, open-source, silent auctions from the makers of Hub Spot.


Bido – online domain auction.

Copart – online used vehicle auction platform.

Ebay – the king of internet auction platforms. You can auction just about anything on Ebay.

eBid– eBid is very similar to Ebay. Auction just about anything that you want to sell online.

Gun Auctions – Click. Click. Bang! Bang! What is auctioned on this site should be obvious. Gun lovers, check it out!

Gun Bid – On this platform, you can auction or sell guns & ammo, survival gear, and outdoor products.

iOffer – global online auction platform where you can list anything you want to sell, and get bids from all over the world.

Live Auctioneers – with Live Auctioneers, you can enter items you want to sell into live online auctions done by professional auctioneers.

Noble Spirit – If you own any rare stamps or an entire stamp collection, you can consign your stamps to Noble Spirit which has consistently achieved world record prices on Ebay auctions.


Patent Auction – do you have an invention that you own the patent to? Sell your invention patents to the highest bidder on Patent Auction.


Player Auctions – secure player-to-player marketplace to buy & sell game currency, gold, coins, items, skins, accounts, power leveling, boosting & CD keys.

Proxy Bid – If you want to sell on this auction platform, you must apply to do so because Proxy Bid “makes sure that only sellers of the highest caliber are in their marketplace.” If you make the cut, however, what that means for you is that your listings will attract buyers of a higher caliber.

Quibids – online auction platform very similar to Ebay.

Slibuy – Store returns auctions and wholesale auctions online.


uBid – The go-to online auction marketplace for new, overstock, closeout, and recertified products.

Webstore – free online auction marketplace offering local, national, and international trade with no fees for bidding, buying, or selling.  You can turn ⁶unwanted stuff into cash, and get the best possible deals for new or used things on Webstore with no selling fees, and no bidding fees.


The Online Audio & Music Market

Airbit – online marketplace for selling beats.

Sell Beats

Arrange Me – ArrangeMe enables you to sell your arrangements of popular songs, public domain works, as well as your own original compositions.

Awesound – Awesound helps podcasters, educators, & authors sell audio products directly to fans.

Bandcamp – Bandcamp gives bands and artists the ability to monetize their original music and get paid by their fans.


BeatStars – online platform where music producers can sell there beats. BeatStars will enable you to create your own custom websites, players, and widgets.


CD Baby – Streaming, downloads, CD & vinyl sales, YouTube monetization, sync licensing, publishing royalty collection, direct-to-fan sales, & more — anywhere you can earn money from your music, CD Baby is getting you paid.


Discogs – online marketplace where bands & artists can list their music for sale with no upfront cost.

Distro Kid – DistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to get music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

E-music – eMusic for Artists is transforming the industry through Blockchain. Introducing a brand new way to maximize earnings for your music.


Fresh Tunes – Start to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and many other digital music stores! Content will be uploaded there for free! Musicians keep all rights for their content and get 100% royalties from sales of their music.

I Musician Digital – Release your single, album or EP on all the most important music shops with iMusician!

Magnatune – this website helps musicians earn money in 3 different ways. When an artist or band uploads their music and Magnatune accepts it, the creator(s) is paid through a revenue sharing model from revenue generated from listeners paying a membership fee. Magnatune also lists songs on two other platforms that they own: I License Music & mood mixes. On I License, people can buy a license to be able to use your music. With mood music, businesses such as restaurants can purchase your music to play in the background during business hours.

Music Digi – Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more.

Nimbit – Nimbit provides musicians with an all-in-one platform where they can sell their music, except donations from fans, promote concerts, sell tickets to their concerts, and interact with their fans.

Premium Beat – online platform where music producers can license their beats.

Productiontrax – offers a platform where you can sell all types of audio content including music, sound effects, audio books, beats, etc.

Reverbnation – Sell your music directly to new or existing fans through your ReverbNation profile or website.


Route Note– start selling your music worldwide.

SoundBoard – There are many, many reasons to build a soundboard and sell tracks. Here are a few…

  • Set your own track and ‘buy all’ price
  • Soundboard.com is a Top 10,000 site in the US
  • Over 15 million tracks served in October 2011
  • Easy to customize and manage from any browser
  • Anywhere, everywhere access
  • Up to ten boards per account
  • 100% free, no SPAM
  • 128-bit encryption
  • And many more…

Soundboard.com gives you the tools and the ears – you provide the content. Build it well and they will come.


Sound Click – Sound Click gives you unlimited song uploads. Your listeners will appreciate their 160kbps song streams,and your choice of 320kbps or lossless format for downloads.

Let’s talk business: you can sell your music in the store. There are no fees for this service, they take only a competetive cut of the sales price.

More ways for you to make money? They’ve been known as the place to license your music for years. Lease beats to other artists, labels, TV shows, mmovies. They handle all financials and the instant delivery of tracks.


Sound Exchange – online platform to license your music and other original audio.

The Music Case – sell your soundtrack worthy songs to music producers.

Tracklib – monetize your music with sample licensing.

TuneCore – TuneCore will distribute your music to several major online music retailers, and pay you wherever it sells.


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