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All of the websites in this section present opportunities for people to earn money from creating content. From blogging to freelance writing, or from image content to video creation, if you create the type of content that these sites want, you can get paid. Here is a table of contents for this section:

  • Page 1: Blogging Platforms, Content Markets, Paid Essay Writing, Freelance Writing Platforms, Greeting Cards, Guest Posting
  • Page 2: Tutorial Writing, Job Boards for Writers, Magazines That Pay Guest Writers
  • Page 3: News & Journalism, Photos & Images, Podcasting, Poetry, Revenue Sharing Websites
  • Page 4: Reviews, Short Fiction, Videos, Miscellaneous


Blogging  Platforms

Blog Drives – free blog hosting platform that you can monetize with Google Adsense.

Blogates – free blog hosting platform that you can monetize with Google Adsense.

Blogger – free blog hosting platform that you can monetize with Google Adsense.

Blogsome – free blog hosting platform that you can monetize with Google Adsense.

Blogsvertise – ad network that connects advertisers with bloggers.

Digital Journal – free blog hosting platform for independent journalists. Can be monetized with Google Adsense.

Engrave – free blog hosting platform that pays its bloggers through a revenue sharing model.

Flattr – connect your sites and social channels and get paid based on how many people visit.

Heat Bud – revenue sharing blog network.

Hellbound Bloggers – revenue sharing blogging platform.

Inube – Free blog hosting platform that can be monetized with Google Adsense.

Link From Blog – This is an ad network that connects advertisers who want good reviews of their products with bloggers that are willing to do paid reviews on their blogs.

Sponsored reviews

Link Worth – Ad network where bloggers can sell various ads to advertisers. Ads that bloggers can sell include: paid reviews, keyword link ads, full page ads, text link ads, and banner ads.Affiliate Banner

Mamby – Revenue sharing blog network.

Medium – Revenue sharing blog network.

Pay Per Post – ad network where bloggers can get paid for writing sponsored posts.

Pay U 2 Blog – Ad network where bloggers are given paid assignments for their blogs.

Post Joint – Blogger outreach platform where advertisers and bloggers can mutually negotiate and arrange deals.

Red Gage – Revenue sharing blog network.

Tumblr – Free blog hosting platform that can be monetized with Google Adsense.

Weebly – Free web hosting platform that can be monetized with Google Adsense.

Wix – Free web hosting platform that can be monetized with Google Adsense.

Yola – Free web hosting platform that can be monetized with Google Adsense.


Content Markets

Article Sale – Online marketplace for buying or selling articles that have already been written.

BKA Content – Marketplace where users can buy or sell pre written content, and writers can take on writing jobs from customers.

Constant Content – Platform where users can buy or sell pre written articles, or hire writers to create custom content.

Dot Writer – Platform where users can buy or sell pre written articles, and writers can take on custom writing jobs.


Kontent Cart – Platform where users can license content from top publishers, or pay writers for custom content.


Essays/ Paid Essay Writing

Academia Research – Platform where subject matter experts are hired to write essays and other academic papers for students.

Custom Papers – Platform where research writers are hired to write essays and other academic papers.

Edu Birdie – Platform where students can hire academic writers to write essays.

Essay Writers – Platform where academic writers can get paid good money to write essays.

Essay Yoda – get paid to write essays for high school students.

I Write Essays – Website where freelance writers can earn money writing essays for students.

Writers Lab – Website where freelance writers and subject matter experts are paid to write essays.

VIP Writers – Platform where pro writers can find academic writing jobs.

Writers Essay Shark – Platform where freelance writers can take on paid essay writing assignments.


Freelance Writing Platforms

Clear Voice – On this platform, freelance writers can pick up paid writing assignments from different businesses and individuals.

Content Corp – This website’s clients are looking for writers who can create Search Engine Optimized content for websites.

Content Runner – Freelance writing platform where writers can find paid writing projects and gigs.

Content Writers – Platform where registered freelance writers get paid writing assignments.

Copify – Freelance writing platform where writers can take on paid writing assignments.

Crowd Content – A website where businesses and individuals can crowdsource their content needs. Register as a writer to apply to paid writing assignments.

Ebyline – Publishers can register here to get paid for creating content for different brands.

Express Writers – Freelance writing platform where writers are paid to write optimized blogs, web pages, email copy, ads, e-books, and more.

Freedom With Writing – Register to this sites email newsletter to recieve paid writing jobs in your inbox on the daily.

Ghost Blog Writers – A freelance writing platform where writers are paid specifically to write blog content.

Greenlight Articles – This is a platform where freelancers are paid for writing or spinning articles.

Helium Network – Network of freelance writers and editors for hire.

Hiring Writers – Platform where businesses can outsource all their content needs.

Hot Ghost Writer – Earn money from ghost writing books.

Need An Article – Written communication for any need around the corner or around the world. – Get paid to write for the world’s best brands.

Scripted – Platform for freelancers to take on paid writing projects.

SERP Trust – Your guest post partners.

Skyword – Connects writers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and other creatives with top tier brands looking to truly connect with their audiences through great storytelling.

Text Broker – Brings clients and authors together.

Verblio – Grow your writing career with the simplest, most flexible writing platform out there.

Word Gigs – The place for talented professional writers.

Words of Worth – Earn money writing from home.

Writers Access – Access paid writing opportunities.

Writers Bay – Start making money with your writing skills and creative thinking ability.

Writers Domain – Freelance writing platform.

Writing Bunny – Carefully crafted content for those who expect the best.

Zemandi – Top provider of freelance writing jobs.

Zerys – Content marketing platform for hiring freelance content writers.


Greeting Cards

Blue Mountain Arts – Looks for poetry and other writings that are appropriate for their greeting cards.

CMP Market – Adult humor greeting card company.

Kalan – Humorous greeting cards and other products.

Oatmeal Studios – Humorous greeting card company.

SNAFU Designs – Humorous greeting card company.

Warner Press – Christian greeting card company.


Guest Posting

Anxiety Foundation – Blog that covers topics related to mental health.

Ashtray Blog – News, views, product guides, tutorials, & offers for all things vape.

A Fine Parent – Blog that covers topics about parenting.

Back 2 College – News and information resource for adult re-entry students pursuing professional development or an advanced degree.

Bank Foreclosures – One of the most prominent bank foreclosure websites.

Blog Paws – Blog for pet owners.

Cig Buyer – Blog about vaping.

Couchbase – Blog for programmers and web designers.

Cracked – Popular listicle website.

Craft Bits – Blog about crafts and creative projects.

Craft Literary – Literary blog.

E-commerce Insiders – Covers subjects pertaining to e-commerce platforms and businesses.

Desert USA – Internet-based, regional publication, focusing on travel, wildlife, geology, desert lore, cultural and natural history related to the North American Desert regions.

Food First – One of the country’s foremost food think tanks.

Freelance Mom – Blog for moms who own businesses or work for themselves.

Funds For Writers – Covers topics related to earning a living as a writer.

Go Nomad – Blog about travel writing.

Go World Travel – Wants travel writers.

Great Escape Publishing – Covers all topics related to getting paid to travel.

Guide Posts – Christian blog that publishes true stories about people who have attained a goal, surmounted an obstacle, or learned an important lesson though their faith.

How I Round – Covers all topics related to theater.

I Love Free Software – Publishes reviews about the latest software.

In The Know Traveler – publishes travel stories, photos, and videos.

Income Diary – blog about making money online.

Industrial Scripts – covers topics related to screen writing and film making.

Instant Shift – web design blog.

I Work Well – looking for subject matter experts to write instructional articles pertaining to HR.

Java Development Journal – publishes tutorials on Java Script and other related articles.

Killer Directory – publishes blog articles on many topics.

Lab Mice – blog for IT pros.

Lady Q’s – looking for unpublished nonfiction.

Landscaping Ideas Online – blog about landscaping.

Listverse – publishes all sorts of listicles.

Loaded Landscapes – publishes articles about landscapes, nature, wildlife, and nature photography.

Money Crashers – blog about personal finance.

Nutri-inspector – nutrition blog.

Open Road Journal – blog about motorcycle travel.

Paid Forum Posting – get paid to post in forums.

Perceptive Travel – travel blog.

Plesk – web design and programming blog.

Plural Sight – covers topics related to information security.

Profit F – looking for experts in Forex or binary options trading.

Rank Pay – publishes articles about SEO, content marketing, and social media.

Remark Me – covers topics related to better living from home.

Sex Etc. – blog for teens that covers sexuality and sexual health.

SHTF Blog – blog for survival enthusiasts.

Smart Business Trends – covers all topics related to online marketing.

Strategy Page – military and war news.

Submittable – interested in articles about the publishing industry, creativity, and digital media.

Techopedia – blog that aims to provide insight and inspiration to IT pros.

The Barefoot Writer – covers all topics related to making a living as a writer.

The Dollar Stretcher – group of publications dedicated to living better for less.

The Expeditioner – travel blog.

The Forum Wheel – get paid to post in forums.

The Mysterious World – interested in articles about nature, travel, lifestyle, and the Universe.

The Travel Writer’s Life – interested in articles about getting paid to travel.

The Western Online – blog about all things western.

Theme Park Tourist – interested in short articles about theme parks for which they pay $50. Articles that get a lot of traffic are eligible for bonuses of $25 to $150.

Three Penny Review – literary magazine that pays for stories, articles, and poetry.

Travel Sign Posts – interested in articles about places to go in Europe.

Unemploymentville – looking for stories about being unemployed, getting gigs instead of a job, and advice on dealing with the financial and emotional challenges of being out of work.

Wallet Gains – blog about personal finance.

We Zift – blog about parenting and technology.

Whole Life Times – blog about holistic health.

Wine Frog – blog that aims to provide insight and inspiration to food and beverage professionals.

Women on Writing – looking for articles written by women about making a living as a writer.

Write Naked – another blog about making a living from writing.

Writers Weekly – yet another blog about writing for a living.

Your Online Biz – interested in articles about internet businesses.

Zafigo – blog about traveling to Asia and The Middle East.

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